Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wetback's Delite

I apologize up front for the terribly un-PC name of this recipe. This is in my teenage handwriting, but I don't remember writing it.

Mom got it from a neighbor lady (I don't remember who exactly anymore) and made it when Dad was out of town on business. He was the meat-and-potatoes sort. When he was gone we got "fun" food. We loved it.

Like many of Mom's recipes, this has been adjusted to feed an army (there were 6 kids in the house). You could cut this in half easily, as I think its really been doubled from the original. Also, I think I would omit the Accent. We didn't know how bad that was for us 25 years ago.


Anonymous said...

My Grandmother use to make this for us whenever all the grandchildren got together. It has always been a family favoraite, and we called it "wetback" as well. I strongly urge anyone that likes Mexican food to try this recipe! I am going to make it this weekend, and I can't wait!!!!!

Anonymous said...

WAY COOL, my mom is in town and she use to make this for us. She forgot to bring all of our favoraite recipes, so she that we should google it. This is the bomb, everyone should try this recipe. As far as we know, we think it came from a Dr. wife in Ann Arbor Mi. Good Eates!

T C said...

Kathleen? Aunt Katie??? You don't remember writing it because I wrote it - that's MY handwriting on my receipe cards, and I'm completely shocked right now to find this on the internet! How in the world did you get this card? From Mom's recipes?? Love, Toni

T C said...

Well I just saw your picture, and you're not Aunt Katie! LOL I am still freaking out about this receipe card and others I see that apparently you've written. How is it possible that we have the exact same handwriting on the exact same style of recipe cards (not just one style!!). My family came across this recipe from my brother's girlfriend, who had a cookbook called "From the Kitchen of Auntie Mish". The only difference I see is that ours calls for one teaspoon of oregano also. (Two for your recipe, as it's doubled from ours.)

Anonymous said...

I too have eaten something similar as my girlfriend's mom would make this for us when we were going to study together.
Recipe from my friend's mom:

Layer lettuce on plate, shredded is best
lay small fritos on top of the lettuce
pour chile con carne from can after heated over fritos
top with fine chopped onions, diced tomatoes, and then shred cheeses. YUM!

Anonymous said...

I grew up eating Wetback Delight. My great grandmother in southern CA had a Mexican house keeper that introduced the dish. Her version was 4 tsp chili power, oregano,sugar,and cumin. With 2-6oz cans of paste, 2-8,oz sauce and quart tomato juice. 2cup rice, two pound hamburger and yes corn chips and bed of lettuce. Fresh tomatoes and cheddar cheese would top it off. Tortilla will work in a pinch.
One of my favorite memories of my ggma.

Unbelievable said...

Racist much?